The Longevity/Loyalty Equation
The Sporn Group draws on thirteen years of experience by its principal. When we undertake a new search for a client we collect detailed information regarding the technical environment and responsibilities, the skillset and background of the ideal candidate. We establish the contact party within both firms and the preferred method by which to submit a candidate, and how to get feedback.
Because our company rarely advertises, our corporate clients can be assured that the candidates we present are different from those normally generated by media advertising. Many of our candidates have been placed by us many times, and do not look beyond The Sporn Group when planning their next career move. Indeed, new candidates are very often referred to us by their friends whom we have helped.
Before we submit a candidate to be considered for a position we meet them and determine if their skills and experience are a good match for the functional job description. We also try to determine if the candidate, although qualified for a particular position, would be happy. Therefore the issues of compensation, commute, and mutual expectations are satisfactorily addressed before the candidate and client meet. We firmly believe that employee longevity and loyalty is an equation that includes skills, experience, compatibility and satisfaction.
After candidates are interviewed, we use their feedback and the clients to fine-tune our efforts toward our ultimate goal of finding the perfect candidate for every position and the perfect position for every candidate.
The Sporn Group utilizes a unique cooperative approach to searches. Regardless of size or scope, the account manager who will serve as the single liaison between companies presents each requirement to the entire staff of recruiters.
Whether the search is for a senior manger or a 90-day consultant, the Sporn Group has met the challenge hundreds of times and offers its clients a selection of qualified candidates to review during the search process. When the final decision is made, our company stands by its candidates and supports its clients throughout the process.
Among the firms with which we have placed permanent employees are major Wall Street Banking and Brokerage companies, as well as Software Engineering firms, corporate America, and the entertainment industry.

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