Contractors like candidates for permanent positions are, of course, looking for work that matches their professional and personal objectives. Very often though, there are many more factors in addition to matching skills with requirements. Some experienced contractors have formed consulting corporations and carry their own insurance. Others wish to be paid as employees and receive medical and dental insurance.
The Sporn Group, Inc. is experienced in dealing with consultants with varying business and personal requirements and with reducing their paperwork to a minimum. The Sporn Group, Inc. maintains in-house counsel to prepare or review all consulting contracts. The company also maintains extensive insurance coverage, and makes group medical and dental insurance available to consultants. The Sporn Group, Inc. scrupulously monitors hours worked and remuneration due, as well as scheduled rate increases and contract renewals.
Because our consulting arm is well experienced in all markets, we are able to properly advise prospective consultants about the true market value of their skills, the nature of projects, the potential for contract renewal, and other factors, enabling them to make informed decisions. In addition, the personal relationships forged over time with human resources professionals and hiring mangers, many of whom were placed in jobs by our company, allow us to present qualified consultants directly to decision makers holding the pulse of industry leading companies. Sometimes the presentation of a skilled consultant is instrumental in creating a position before it has been formally identified.


Among the enhancements currently available or under development on our website, designed to make the lives our consultants easier and improve communications are:

Among the firms with which we have placed consultants are major Wall Street Banking and Brokerage companies, as well as Software Engineering firms, corporate America, and the entertainment industry.

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