Making a career move is serious business. Our business.
Whether the job market for IT professionals is tight, or the demand is overwhelming, The Sporn Group has always provided its clients with an accurate reading of the terrain, and an unparalleled degree of personal service.
  • How to package your skills to fit the job description
  • How much your skills are worth on the market
  • Who is hiring
  • Who is laying off
  • What's behind the job description
  • Handling the HR interview
  • Handling the technical interview
  • When an offer is good
  • When you can do better
  • How to decide between multiple offers

The principals in Sporn Group have been helping IT professionals plan and accelerate their career paths through bull and bear hiring markets since the mid 1980's.
Hiring managers want to see our candidates because we have consistently done our homework by finding the right fit.
We listen to you.
We listen to your personal preferences, what kind of work motivates you, the kind of environment you feel comfortable in, and then we make our recommendations. In order for a permanent position to stay permanent, you have to be comfortable that the position meets your expectations on a technical level, in terms of salary, and in a compatible environment.
Because it's not just a job
It's your career - and our reputation

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