It is not a question of if you will switch from microfiche, it is a question of when.
At Optical Systems Integrators, we understand optical. We've been in the industry since the SEC instituted its "no action" letter in 1993. This historic decision has added extraordinary flexibility in record retention for broker / dealers who are required by law to keep these records stored in an unaltered capacity with the ability to retrieve them at any time.
We duplicate our clients proprietary computer environment enabling us to locate and read a broker / dealers information quickly. Optical storage is more efficient than Microfiche and, over time, a great deal cheaper.
Optical Systems Integrators provides:
  • A fully SEC compliant off-site environment that duplicates all hardware and software
  • Customized service and onsite technical staff that ensures a perfect fit
  • The highest level of Confidentiality for your records
  • Ongoing Legal review of pertinent SEC notices
Among the firms for whom OSI serves as a service provider are major Wall Street Banking and Brokerage companies.
Please contact us for a selected client list.
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